Monday, May 25, 2009

Photo etch wing components

Yesterday I tested my new white lacquer primer on Tamiya plastic. It turned out just fine, with no problems. So today I'll continue preparing to finish priming the kit.

Here is a rear wing element. Unfortunately the putty fell out.

So we'll have to apply putty again

This is going to be fun, there are amongst the smallest parts I've seen for a plastic model kit. Here I am cutting the tiny rear wing supports off the tray of photo etch parts.

Here's what we are looking at many times magnified.

So here's my plan, flip it over with an exacto knife.

Stick it to scotch tape.

Tape the part to a vise

Close the vise

Make sure that half the part is held by the vise, and the other half is exposed

Use pliers to bend it to a 90 degree angle

Remove from vise

Fold over all the way

Here's what we're left with

And this is what they look like when glued into the rear wing uprights. They will serve as rear wing element supports.

Total: 75.5 h (mostly because I dropped the parts on the floor a couple of times and had to find them!)

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