Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Front wing modifications

Here we go, we're going to modify the front wing to represent the Jordan 191 as driven by Schumacher in the Belgian GP. As mentioned in the last post, the front wing had a different profile for this and some other late season events.

Here is a picture of the primed front wing as it comes box stock

First things first, removed some of the details that will be replaced by photo etched parts. Did this carefully with an emory board.

Next cut out a couple of the photo etch parts that will double as templates for this modification.

Used a flat metal file to smooth out the metal nubs where the photo etch part was connected to the tray.

I just grabbed whatever color paint was handy, and while holding the photo etch part with my finger, painted carefully around it's edge.

Then filed away with an emory board and a curved metal file I picked up a long time ago at a hardware store.

Here are both the wing elements modified

This is where we were

This is where we are

More to be modified later, but that's it for today

Total: 62 h

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