Sunday, May 24, 2009

More primer

Messing around with my camera, I got a nice picture of the tray of photo etch parts that I'm using. Today I'll be priming the rear wing components.

Here is the paint I'm using. The Tamiya white fine surface primer is really fantastic, but at 50+ PLN in Poland, a bit expensive for me. I picked up this lacquer white primer at a Norauto store in Krakow. I know it will work just fine on the metal components, but I'm a little nervous about this unknown lacquer on plastic. I'll be priming some plastic parts from the kit that I don't plan on using, we'll see what happens.

I had to putty up a seam on the underside of the monocoque.

This seam became evident after priming, looks to be good now.

Another visible seam was on the top of the roll hoop.

Should be good to go now. If the lacquer primer passes the experiment today on Tamiya green plastic, then I'll go ahead tomorrow and paint the monocoque with primer as well.

Total: 72.5 h

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