Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hose to nowhere?

Bridge to nowhere?

Hose to nowhere?

I've been struggling for a long time to figure out what these hoses are, where they come from and where they are going. The Jordan 191 has a very elegant and simple design; using reference photos it's possible to figure out what most of the parts are for. At some races the car feature a radiator mounted in between the rear wing pilons. As can be seen in this photo, these random hoses do not connect to that radiator.

See, they don't connect to the radiator, some other hose connects here.

Where are they coming from? Radiator overflow drain hoses? I thought F1 cars had an air spring tank for this purpose.

I give up. It's the car's tail?

So here is my starting point for the day

Detail master braided hose. This is pretty impressive stuff, highly recommended.

Here's my plan: these hoses come from nowhere and go nowhere. They are essentially noise. The engine compartment of this car is going to be let's get busy. Here I'm drilling a couple of holes in the top of the gearbox near the engine. The hoses will essentially "disappear" here.

So, now that I've got the holes drilled, I pulled the hoses through and cut them to length.

To create the black nylon mesh effect, I painted them with Tamiya semi-gloss black.

Then I pulled the hoses down just a little bit until the painted black part was pulled into the gearbox and glued them.

I'll outline how I did this kind of thing at some other time. Let's just say it's time consuming. I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out.

Total: 71 h

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