Friday, May 8, 2009

Front wing modifications II

I'm going to basically finish up the sanding and filing on the front wing today.

As a side note, I've finally learned a little bit about flash photography. Almost all the the pictures that have been featured on my blogs up to this point have been taken without flash using the a timer on the shutter and a tripod. I've been expirimenting with my new Nikon D60, and I believe that I've finally got the white balance set just right for my environment to use the flash.

Here is my starting point for the day.

I grabbed some paint again, and just painted some rough lines to get started filing.

Here using a flat metal file.

I'm now done with filing material away on this front winglets. To make the curves just right, it's essential to have a rounded file as pictured here. I got this stuff at my local Castorama, these sorts of files should be cheap and common.

Here you can now see the profile of the front wing.

Got out my Micromesh polishing kit (a must have!) and a nail file I picked up at Rossman.

Polishing out the deep scratches I made during the modifications

And finally, drilling out the front wing endplates. There are guides molding in where front wing adjustments are made. I'm just opening them up.

This is what I wanted to make

And here is my interpretation, courtesy of Tamiya and some elbow grease

Front wing endplates

Total: 65 h

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