Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sanding, filing, and...drilling

I spent some time this weekend prepping parts for primer. Some of the parts that already had a coat of primer, I just inspected, sanded any surface imperfections and primed again.

I also got a new toy in the mail

Here is my (extremely low quality) drill set and pin vise

Here I play to open up the exhaust outlets in the undertray

After using these drill bits and vise, I think it would be wise to spring for name brand stuff, like Tamiya, I'm pretty disappointed with what I got, but in the end, it basically cost me nothing. The pin vise doesn't hold the drill bits well, and compared to what I'm used to (I used to have an X-acto set) I find the drill bits to be dull on arrival.

Here we are going to open up the intake trumpets

Here is the view afterward

All in all, spent about 5 hours this weekend on this.

Total: 16 h

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