Sunday, March 1, 2009

New project

Time to start a new project. Visit to see the BMW Sauber that I just completed. The BMW Sauber represented my return to modelling after a long break, and as such the goal was to build a clean box stock kit. While I have many critisisms for the work I did on that kit, I'm going to broadly declare that I met my goals. The next kit is going to be a 1:20 scale Tamiya Jordan 191 as driven by Michael Schumacher in the Belgian GP in 1991. The goal for this kit is to greatly enhance it using aftermarket parts, decals and materials. Though I will not be scratch building anything on this kit. I'm making the shift to 1:20 scale as it seems that is the way the market is going, especially with Fujimi's release of Schumacher's last Ferrari. This kit in particular is in preparation for the mother of all projects

So here we are. Jordan 191 as driven by Schuey in the 1991 Belgian GP, no scratchbuilding, with aftermarket parts and decals.

Here's the box

And the contents

Kit decals


As always, need to wash the parts to clean off the mold release agents

Total: 1h

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