Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lots of painting

Yesterday I prepared pretty much all the parts for another coat of primer. Today I spray painted them. I also started painting the brake disks.

Since this is my blog, and my model, I'll express my opinions and my style in the build. Please note, that I'm sure many people will disagree with me, remember it's only my opinion.

On that note, I think that brakes on 1:20 scale models are overrated. I know that people spend a lot of time and money kitbashing brakes, adding aftermarket brakes, scratchbuilding brakes, etc. In the modern F1 car, you can't see the back of the brake due to brake ducting which is completely enclosed in the wheel. You can see any vent holes unless you leave the wheels off, or somehow manage removable wheels. The brakes are behind the wheels, and well, how much time and money do I really want to spend on parts that are hidden behind other parts. I find the stock brakes that come with the Tamiya Jordan 191 to be perfectly adequate. I didn't even bother sanding the flash of the calipers, because it won't be seen once inside the wheel.

The Tamiya instructions ask for X-12 Gold Leaf, and the below reference photo confirms that, so Gold Leaf it is.

This will definately take 2 coats of paint (or more). Tamiya gold goes on a bit thick and can be a little transparent, so we'll just brush paint as many ultra thin layers as necessary.

Total: 26 h

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