Monday, March 23, 2009

The monocoque is ready

Today I made a couple final modifications to the monocoque

Here it is

Here is the real thing with Schumacher in it during the Belgian GP weekend.

As can be seen above, the windscreen around the leading edge of the cockpit is a separate part, and quite thin. I have already ordered a Studio 27 photo etch set which includes this part. So it was necessary to remove the molded in part.

I also filled in the old holes for the mirrors, and drilled new holes to take my .5mm steel wire

Here's a picture of the real Ford HB for reference.

According to the refence picture and the kit's instructions, I painted the engine block flat aluminum. Also notice the holes I drilled at the bottom of the gearbox to take cooling hose.

Finally back to the brakes. According to this reference photo, the brake calipers should be a titanium silver color. The kit would have me mix chrome silver and orange, in other words titanium silver.

Here is the first coat of paint on the calipers.

Total: 30.5 h

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