Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today, I'll be doing some engine detailing

Note the hoses I'll be replicating today. First is some sort of pipe on the engine that looks like it's wrapped in heat tape (on the left). Next are two hoses, one on each side of the engine, wrapped in black nylon, going from a component on the engine to the gearbox. If I had to guess I would say these are all related to hydraulic systems.

So, here is my starting point, braided wire with flexible metal rod inside, all from Detail Master

I'm going to gently and precisely cut the braid without cutting the metal rod inside

Here's where we're at so far

Because I only have 8 A/N fittings for this size hose and these hoses are very low on the engine, I'm going to skip the fittings and simply paint the mating surface on the gearbox.

For the brass-looking compression fittings, I'm going to use hit shrink tubing from this Top Studio kit.

Cut really small pieces of heat shrink tubing

Yeah, like that small

Slip 'em on to your hose

Get our your handy-dandy Alonso Bic

And there we have it

Cut the braid again, make sure to have the heat shrink tube on your part of the hose before cutting the braid

And that is what it looks like before painting

This red hose was a bit less work, just slipped the metal rod inside the insulation of a wire.

Little bit of work to form it right

And then covered it in Matte Aluminum Bare Metal Foil

Here are my hoses after painting

And after assembly

I also sprayed another coat of green paint. The monocoque is coming along

Total: 104.5