Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Elephant in the driver's seat

The Elephant in the room

I haven't talked about it much. I've been completely avoiding the topic. The seat. How to remove the molded in seat belts. I didn't want to spend the money to do this properly. I tried different methods and failed, not even posting my progress on the blog, hoping to find a solution.

I got an elephant gun.

This Black and Decker was at the outdoor electronics market this weekend. For $30 I couldn't resist. I got some grinding attachments as well

So doing this the right way, I ground out the seat belts

Hand sanded and polished the seat

And primed. Not so bad, but a pretty pricey seat for a model like this. Thankfully I get the keep the dremel.

Cut down some 1.5mm ferrules which will serve as the connections between the radiators and the engine. Not really happy with my technique on this yet, more on this topic on the next model probably.

And finally started finishing the green painted parts. Here I've started applying carbon fiber decals to the front wing diffusers. Did quite a bit of polishing as well.

Not to mention lots and lots of spray painting. Primer, white, blue, we're really getting somewhere now!

Total time: 123 h


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