Friday, April 3, 2009

Spark plug wires

Notice on the Ford HB Engine there were two distributors, each driven off a cam located on either side of the engine where the valve cover matches up with cylinder head. Spark plug wire simply run from the distributor to the top of the valve cover

As far as I'm concerned, the above picture is a great photo of a "generic" Ford Cosworth HB. Here is a picture of the engine in the Jordan 191 in 1991. This is important, because we notice that in the Jordan 191, the spark plug wires used angle boots on the distributor caps.

So, I got some Detail Master wires (

cut a length of spark plug wire (is it 1:20? 1:24? does it matter that much? it's small)

strip a bit off the end

grab my slightly larger wire and strip a bit off the end as well

Discard the insulation stripped off the smaller wire. Take the insulation stripped off the larger wire.

Slip it on the smaller wire to create a spark plug wire boot.

Bend for an angle boot, don't even bother gluing at this point, it's not coming apart unless you really want it to.

Repeat 10 times. Plug 'em on into your already drilled out distributor caps.

I took 8 small bits of the insulation from the larger wire

And brush painted them white.

All at the same time.

Then, positioned the wire, and cut off what was not needed

Took my painted boot

(Unfortunately it was really difficult to focus the camera on something so small) Stripped a bit of insulation off of the spark plug wire, and slipped my white painted boot on.

Plugged it on in.

And voila!

We are wired.

Happy modelling

Total: 44 h

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