Saturday, April 18, 2009

Carbon Fiber Undertray

Hmm. I have applied Scale Motorsports carbon fiber decal to the underside of the diffuser. Strangely, in my opinion, the pictures look much better than the real thing.

I have to say this has been a 10/10 on the difficultly scale. Not recommended for the faint of heart. Scale Motorsports advertises that their decals are designed to work like heat shrink tubing when combined with setting solution. The problem for me seems to be that my setting solution is too hot, or the decal is too hot. I have on numerous occasions had the decal simply melt away, break, get pulled, bubble, or wrinkle up. I have found that I should not use the brush included in the bottle of Solvaset that I'm using. The only method I found that has increased my success rate is to grab a normal small paint brush, apply a very small amount of decal setting solution locally to a spot I need the decal to settle in, wash the brush in water, wait, and at the very moment when the decals starts to fold/wrinkle/bubble, use the brush to apply lots of water to the decal to smooth it out.

This rear wing, in comparison to the diffuser, is a masterpiece of cf decal.

The cockpit bulkhead is ok. I had to apply probably about 20 small pieces of cf decal like patchwork.

Next comes Bare Metal Foil

Cut out a small piece with a hobby knife.

Pull it off the sheet with a pair of tweezers

Set it in place

Use a toothpick to smooth it out.

Here is my diffuser with exhaust outlets.

Total: 56 h

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