Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No longer got the blues

We'll I've done a ton of work again over the past few days. I'm almost done spray painting the kit. I got some different blue paint and it looks like a match to the real car.

Here you can see the monocoque and cowling masked

Painted blue

With the masking off, this came out real nice

Here is my disaster of a seat. I'm going to have to note to myself to spend more time and effort detailing the cockpit. I'll give myself some slack, as I didn't know how difficult my previous seat belt cloth would be to work worth. In any event, I had hoped the seat would look better.

I finished applying cf to the front wing end plates and diffusers

Cleaned up the cowling a bit and started assembling it. Here I've glued in a piece of the sidepod

Sideview of cowling

Total: 144h


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  3. Hi, do you mind to let me know which paint did you use for the green on your Jordan? Thanks